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Games For Girls

It wasn’t too awfully long ago that one would have a hard time finding games that targeted the girls that spend a good amount of time playing games online. But there has been a big push to get more games out there and I’m glad to see that it is working.

My 12 year old daughter enjoys all types of games, but there are times that she really wants to enjoy being a young girl, and doing girlie things, so I’m glad that she found a site that is all about  Girl Games at Easygirlgames.com.  She tells me that they are pretty easy, fun and that they have a wide range of games for girls spend their free time checking out. She is getting too old for toys, but still a bit young for boys and still spends most of her time at home, rather than running the roads or hanging at the mall with her friends. So gaming is a good way for her to spend some of her free time.


More and more as I go throughout my daily chores and errands, I see a lot more people with tattoos! Honestly, I don’t understand the popularity of them at all. Most of the people that I know that have had tattoos for a long time tell me that they wish that they had never gotten them. The tattoos have faded, or run, and don’t look good anymore. And a lot of times people have been discriminated against because of the tattoos that they have gotten.

Although I have seen a lot of really pretty, nice looking tattoos, I think that it is a mistake to get them, it costs a lot to have them removed and that procedure hurts a lot more than getting the tattoo in the first place.

Web Hostings

I was doing some looking around online this afternoon at work. Most of us had a few minutes to spare before heading out into the rush hour traffic so it’s time like this that we take advantage of having Internet access at our desks. The topic of conversation lately has been web hosting. I had no idea that there were so many web hosting companies offering so many varieties of options. One of the girls at work discovered that there are several webhosting sites that are going green, which we all thought was pretty cool, so we checked them out real quick like.

There is a great web site that has ratings and reviews of various webhostings at webhostingrating dot com. It really has a lot of good information that we have all enjoyed and learned from. When we get our teeth into something we really chew on it for a good long while until we spit it out to be done with it and we have just about worn this subject out at this point. But I am going to look at a few more options and I want to read some more of the reviews and then we can move on to another subject for next week. Lord knows what that will be!

IED Up Close

It is truly amazing that more of our soldiers weren’t getting hit and hurt by these things. My best friends son is serving in the Army and sent her this video and she sent it to me. Amazing, truly. God Bless each and every one of them that are serving their country for you and me.

My Mother’s Buying List

I have always wanted a nice set of Hartmann Luggage or the ever popular Vera Bradley Luggage that looks so good on the luggage carousel at the airports at the end of the trip. Or at least if you are lucky enough to have your luggage arrive along with your arrival. I’ve never had my luggage lost before but I’ve heard some horror stories from folks that have had to deal with all the hassles and inconvenience of an airline losing your precious belongings that were being stored in your Luggage.

As I stated before I’ve always wanted to own a nice set of luggage and my mother is trying to make that happen for me for my birthday that is fast approaching this winter. My mother is expecting a nice sized tax refund from Uncle Sam next year and wants to purchase a few things that she has had her heart on for the past year. I’m just lucky enough to be on her buying list this year!

Of course I’m sure that if she finds herself in need of some nice luggage she can always count on being able to borrow mine any time she needs it. That is a plus!

Anyone remember this commercial. It took less than 3 minutes to find it on YouTube! It still makes me laugh even after all these years of not seeing it at all.