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Dad, My Handy Man

At some point I will take the time and look for some new exterior shutters¬†for the place. Each time my parents come over my father points out what a difference a pair of exterior shutters would make for the front of the house. He has even offered to look around for and with me when I’m ready to commit, so that would be cool.

My father has always been handy around the house and the yard, so any time he wants to give me a hand around the place, I’m all for it!

Mr. Fix It

If you can’t fix it with a hammer, get a bigger hammer!

Our Flag

It does my heart good to see so many people sporting the Confederate Flag on their vehicles as well as on their homes and property. I can’t for the life of me understand what all the hoopla is about the Confederate flag. I have a large¬† Confederate flag myself but since I rent an apartment I can’t install it, which makes me very sad.

There are tons of places that are selling all types of flags to be used on a vehicle but I am afraid that if I ordered one and put it on my car that someone would get angry and try and hurt me and/or my car. I can just see it now, I come strolling out of Walmart to find my tires slashed or any of all the other ways someone can damage a car while no one is looking.

southern pride

Please Let’s Keep It Rolling

Help For Our Elderly Relatives

Each year my brothers and sisters put our heads together to try and find a way to help out our Aunt Jenny and Uncle Dave, who are both now in their 80’s and they both have several health issues to deal with while living on small monthly fixed income. We used to just send them food and/or gift cards for Christmas, but as the years pass we feel the need to do more than that when we all can afford and can agree on something.

You see Aunt Jenny and Uncle Dave are two of the sweetest people that you would ever have the chance to meet and to get to know. Thank goodness they have been active in their church, so they do receive some assistance from the church from time to time, but we all know how humble they are and how bad it makes them feel to receive any help from anyone. There is a special place in heaven for these too special, well seasoned relatives, but we are in no hurry to see them go.

I came up with an idea that I shared with my siblings lately. I took the time to look at various Home Cleaning Companies in Fort Lauderdale and I think I found the perfect one that we can afford to pay for to come out and help Aunt Jenny with all of their house cleaning needs. In the mean time I would like to find a company that will come out and help Uncle Dave with some of the chores that are always needed outside of the house and the yard. Just the thought of him trying climb and balance on a ladder to check and clean the gutters leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. And of course there are tons of other outside chores that he just isn’t capable of doing anymore either. Maybe I can get my younger brother to help out in finding a good and affordable company to come out before the cold weather hits us.

Business Card Printing For Everyone

It is so cute to see how my kid sister is handing out her newly designed and printed business cards to anyone that will take one. You see, she is a stay-at-home mom that was blessed with a set of twin boys, Terry and Jerry. She used to be a working woman and is having a hard time adjusting to the transition of becoming mother.

Just about every day that it isn’t raining or snowing, sis takes the boys to the park where there are a lot of other moms and dads networking amongst themselves while watching their kid(s) on the playground day after day. It seems that the business card printing industry is a big deal for these dedicated parents to hand out with all of their contact information to the other adults that they run into during their day.


Modes of Transportation Up For Sale

The amount of various modes of transportation sitting by the side of the road with For Sale signs placed upon them, are growing as the economy is still in such turmoil. At first is was mainly cars, then the boats and motorcycles started showing up here and there. Living out in the country as I do we are seeing more and more pieces of equipment used for transportation up for sale.

On my way home from work the other day I saw a boom lift sale, it didn’t have a price on it so I have no idea what kind of money they are asking. It has become the norm to see tractors and other used material lifts up for sale around here. But I swear there are more and more of them each and every day. I hate to see our local farmers struggling and having to sell their important pieces of farm equipment. This has been a miserable winter, let’s hope that the spring will be better for all of us.