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Finding The Perfect Boss Guitar Pedals

There was no way that I would have thought it to be such a challenge to find the right boss guitar pedal to give to my kid brother for his 19th birthday, which will eventually come this May 17th. I have  been looking online a bit here and there and I just felt that it was all over my head. I know that he really wants a boss guitar pedal, a tc electronic flashback delay toneprint  but there are just too many of them out there for me to choose from, so I am going to play it safe and give him a gift card for $100 and tell him to find the right one and put that money towards purchasing the correct one that he wants.

There is going to be a good sized birthday celebration dinner at our folk’s place. Not sure how many are expected to show up. But then we never know until it happens with this very large family that is know for last minutes circumstances. It’s such a drag that so many of us have moved so far away and we don’t get together much these past several years. So we will see who turns up to help celebrate Steve’s 19th birthday. This will be that last birthday that entitles him to be called and/or referred to as a teenager! It’s a pot luck dinner so I think that I’ll bring my well received meatballs to share this time around. I haven’t made them in a while and they are always a big hit.

a flashback delay

TC Electronic Flashback Delay TonePrint Series Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Great On Or Off Stage

It really thrills me to hear from my youngest nephew Todd that the amplifier for the acoustic guitar is totally appreciated. And that it is being used, along with the beyerdynamic headphone set, so I am told, almost on a daily basis as well as providing a sound great on stage when they manage to actually land a gig.  I managed to get a few of my sisters and brothers, his aunts and uncles, to contribute enough of their hard earned cash together to get him a good quality amp that I found online for a real sweet deal. It arrived in plenty of time and we didn’t have to pay any shipping or handling, so that was a major plus that helped me convince some of these relatives that aren’t known for wanting to spend any money on anyone other than their selves.

It’s pretty cool that over the past couple of years I have been doing more and more of my shopping online. Last Christmas holiday, I didn’t have to go to the local mall or any of the other numerous brick and mortar stores in the area. The only things that I had to go out and purchase were the food and of course the gas that it took to get there and back. There are places that will and do deliver food products but they come with a price. It’s hard to get anything for free around this part of the country, except for online purchases.

Red Skelton

Red Skelton–Patriot and Prophet

Red Skelton was one of the greatest comedians of his time. I used to watch his television show as a kid. He was a great entertainer, but was much more a Christian and a gentleman.

Watch this clip from one of his TV shows from 1969.  He always closed his show with something of inspiration. He was a great role model.

Hope you enjoy this, because he was a “prophet before his time”! This is one of the most touching and patriotic items I have seen in a long time. This one will touch your heart! Enjoy and remember. Help spread this important message:

Red Skelton–from his television show in 1969 WOW! Just think, he said this on his television show in 1969 and really had no clue it would ever come about. SAD, isn’t it? What a wonderful and worthwhile clip to watch and share with all your friends and acquaintances!

John, Paul, George & Good Old Ringo

The Beatles. You can’t get any better than the Beatles. You Tube is full of Beatle music and I plan on listening to each and every one of them. I’ve just figured out how to create a Playlist on You Tube and the Beatles will be right on top, rightfully so, don’t you think?

can't get any better than that

The Beatles

Aspiring Musicians

A very good friend of mine I grew up with, is an aspiring musician, and is brilliant when it comes to tweaking his voice to sound like absolute heaven. When I moved to this town when I about twelve years old, he was the first friend I made that lived right next door. Ever since we have been inseparable.

I even remember the first day we moved into our new home, I turned on the music in the garage and started doing cart wheels in the backyard, while he was jumping up and down on his trampoline in his backyard with a friend. Both of them were about 10 years old and had toy microphones in their hands, something I found later to be his sisters toy microphones. They were both singing and raping while jumping on that trampoline, it was too funny.

We noticed we all loved music, and we all started hanging out and playing together. I have watched him grow from that young boy into the talented man he is today. The last time I saw him was two months ago, before he moved about forty miles away to live with his girlfriend, whom is also a good friend of mine since forever ago. Before he left he invited me to a show his was performing at, and I was ecstatic to see him perform finally after all these years.

He expressed an interest in finding a microphone he could find for an affordable price, so he could practice at home before his show date. I remembered the night before coming across a site that offered just that, so I told him that there were microphones for sale at guitar center, and to check their site out. He called me a few days later and told me that not only did her order a microphone but he also ordered a lehle amp that he found that he is absolutely thrilled to have now. I’m happy I could help him prepare for such a great event I can see him perform at, and see how he can change the world with his beautiful voice.


Lehle Sunday Driver Guitar Preamp