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Finding The Perfect Boss Guitar Pedals

There was no way that I would have thought it to be such a challenge to find the right boss guitar pedal to give to my kid brother for his 19th birthday, which will eventually come this May 17th. I haveĀ  been looking online a bit here and there and I just felt that it was all over my head. I know that he really wants a boss guitar pedal, a tc electronic flashback delay toneprintĀ  but there are just too many of them out there for me to choose from, so I am going to play it safe and give him a gift card for $100 and tell him to find the right one and put that money towards purchasing the correct one that he wants.

There is going to be a good sized birthday celebration dinner at our folk’s place. Not sure how many are expected to show up. But then we never know until it happens with this very large family that is know for last minutes circumstances. It’s such a drag that so many of us have moved so far away and we don’t get together much these past several years. So we will see who turns up to help celebrate Steve’s 19th birthday. This will be that last birthday that entitles him to be called and/or referred to as a teenager! It’s a pot luck dinner so I think that I’ll bring my well received meatballs to share this time around. I haven’t made them in a while and they are always a big hit.

a flashback delay

TC Electronic Flashback Delay TonePrint Series Guitar Effects Pedal

Really Green PRS Custom 24 Flame Electric Guitar

Although I am not one bit crazy about the weird green color of this good prs custom 24 flame electric guitar, I am happy with the price that I came up with. I’m just grateful that it isn’t me paying for it and that I just had to do the leg-work to find the darned thing and send the link to my parents so that they can get a better look at it and decide if they are really going to buy it for my pain-in-the-butt little brother Eric, who always has been spoiled rotten ever since the day he was brought into this world.

prs custom 24 flame

green prs custom 24 flame electric guitar

You see my dad really wanted a son and after having 3 girls in a row he was so happy to finally spawn a son that he totally went nuts and just spoiled the brat something fierce and still does. So I’m sure that they won’t think too hard about spending the just under $3,000 price tag that is attached to this particular electric guitar. Me, I’d rather spend that kind of money on a car or something that I really need. I’m sure that after a few months Eric will be tired of his new toy and it will end up under his bed or in the closet with all of his other stuff that he receives and gets bored with so quickly. My mom blames it on his ADHD but he isn’t fooling us girls any, he is just a spoiled brat, plain and simple.