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Dad, My Handy Man

At some point I will take the time and look for some new exterior shutters for the place. Each time my parents come over my father points out what a difference a pair of exterior shutters would make for the front of the house. He has even offered to look around for and with me when I’m ready to commit, so that would be cool.

My father has always been handy around the house and the yard, so any time he wants to give me a hand around the place, I’m all for it!

Mr. Fix It

If you can’t fix it with a hammer, get a bigger hammer!

Thinking Now of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Instead of getting an entire filtration system for my in ground pool in the back yard, I thought about purchasing one of those robotic pool cleaners to do all the major work for me. I found some really nice, top of the line pool cleaners online, for an affordable price, and there are so many options to fit your individual needs for such a hard job to keep up with. Thankfully today’s technology goes the extra mile and can do most, if not all, the dirty, grimy work for us. So happy to have found a pool cleaner to do just that for me, so I can just worry about laying back and enjoying a nice sunny day in my squeaky clean pool, with no worries.

These cold winter months don’t do a thing for me, so just thinking about my back yard pool has got me in a better mood, although that mood will quickly disappear as soon as I step outside into the cold later this afternoon.

Rainbow over New York shared on 9/11 anniversary

Never Forget. . .

never forget

The image has been shared widely on the anniversary. Credit: Ben Sturner/Twitter

Amazing Waters

Having family in England has its good points for sure.  I love to visit them and one of the best things about that is they know all of the coolest places to visit.  Places that I would never be able to find on my own for sure.  They know how much I love anything to do with water and aquariums so my cousin took me to work with him to show me the new custom built aquarium his bosses had installed when they did the major upgrade of the main lobby.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

I stood there for hours just taking in all that was in that amazing aquarium.  I have to admit it was almost like being in the ocean in a submarine or scuba diving.  Taking in each and every inch of that amazing sea habitat took me what seemed hours.  The detail was in it was beyond anything I had ever seen before.  I did notice that there was small plaque that told who had made it for them and when I got home I looked up their web site out of curiosity.  Yes I was thinking along the lines of possibly using them myself some day.  I don’t know how or for what but there’s nothing I admire more than exceptional workmanship and I was looking at it for sure in that aquarium.

Once I got home, I decided to take a trip to a local zoo and they had this amazing seal habitat.  I had heard that they were looking for seal pools display solutions since their old one was exactly that, old.  I would not be surprised at all if they didn’t contact the same company for their new habitat.  You can’t deny the great workmanship and the new one is amazing too.

California Fires

The fires that are once again taking place in California are devastating to all concerned. California is so broke that they are having a difficult time providing for their citizens much less being able to afford fighting these horrible fires. I feel for the fire fighters that must be suffering terribly with the hot temperatures in California and with the heat of the fires on top of it must be hell.

Every year this happens and every year I wonder when the fires won’t have anything left to burn. It must be a scary place to live and work.

up in smoke out west

California Fires at a Glance