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Games For Girls

It wasn’t too awfully long ago that one would have a hard time finding games that targeted the girls that spend a good amount of time playing games online. But there has been a big push to get more games out there and I’m glad to see that it is working.

My 12 year old daughter enjoys all types of games, but there are times that she really wants to enjoy being a young girl, and doing girlie things, so I’m glad that she found a site that is all about  Girl Games at  She tells me that they are pretty easy, fun and that they have a wide range of games for girls spend their free time checking out. She is getting too old for toys, but still a bit young for boys and still spends most of her time at home, rather than running the roads or hanging at the mall with her friends. So gaming is a good way for her to spend some of her free time.

Clocks, Clocks & More Clocks

My oldest niece is a dolphin fan. She wants to go to college and become a marine biologist and I think that she can do what it takes to make that dream come true. She gets good grades, has a great attitude and is all in all a real good kid. She has a birthday coming up and I want to get her something that she will like and appreciate, so I’ve been looking around at dolphin related products and found a really nice dolphin wall clock that I think would look good in her room, it is only $58.77 from


They have a huge selection of clocks to choose from at 1-800-4clocks dot com, grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, old antique and new clocks as well. It was fun looking through them all last night. I saw many that brought back memories from my childhood. My grandparents had the most wonderful mantel clock that I’ll never forget and wish that it had been left to me, but alas one of my cousins beat me to it, sigh…….

I have to tell you that they also have the most wonderful blog on this site as well. I don’t usually spend too much time reading companies blogs but I found the most interesting post there titled “Clocks White House History Throughout Time” that I would encourage anyone to take a few minutes and read. With the White House in the spotlight so much these days, I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard about all the clocks that have graced the White House’s walls and mantels, it really is an interesting read.


Thinking Now of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Instead of getting an entire filtration system for my in ground pool in the back yard, I thought about purchasing one of those robotic pool cleaners to do all the major work for me. I found some really nice, top of the line pool cleaners online, for an affordable price, and there are so many options to fit your individual needs for such a hard job to keep up with. Thankfully today’s technology goes the extra mile and can do most, if not all, the dirty, grimy work for us. So happy to have found a pool cleaner to do just that for me, so I can just worry about laying back and enjoying a nice sunny day in my squeaky clean pool, with no worries.

These cold winter months don’t do a thing for me, so just thinking about my back yard pool has got me in a better mood, although that mood will quickly disappear as soon as I step outside into the cold later this afternoon.

IED Up Close

It is truly amazing that more of our soldiers weren’t getting hit and hurt by these things. My best friends son is serving in the Army and sent her this video and she sent it to me. Amazing, truly. God Bless each and every one of them that are serving their country for you and me.

Aspiring Musicians

A very good friend of mine I grew up with, is an aspiring musician, and is brilliant when it comes to tweaking his voice to sound like absolute heaven. When I moved to this town when I about twelve years old, he was the first friend I made that lived right next door. Ever since we have been inseparable.

I even remember the first day we moved into our new home, I turned on the music in the garage and started doing cart wheels in the backyard, while he was jumping up and down on his trampoline in his backyard with a friend. Both of them were about 10 years old and had toy microphones in their hands, something I found later to be his sisters toy microphones. They were both singing and raping while jumping on that trampoline, it was too funny.

We noticed we all loved music, and we all started hanging out and playing together. I have watched him grow from that young boy into the talented man he is today. The last time I saw him was two months ago, before he moved about forty miles away to live with his girlfriend, whom is also a good friend of mine since forever ago. Before he left he invited me to a show his was performing at, and I was ecstatic to see him perform finally after all these years.

He expressed an interest in finding a microphone he could find for an affordable price, so he could practice at home before his show date. I remembered the night before coming across a site that offered just that, so I told him that there were microphones for sale at guitar center, and to check their site out. He called me a few days later and told me that not only did her order a microphone but he also ordered a lehle amp that he found that he is absolutely thrilled to have now. I’m happy I could help him prepare for such a great event I can see him perform at, and see how he can change the world with his beautiful voice.


Lehle Sunday Driver Guitar Preamp