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Games For Girls

It wasn’t too awfully long ago that one would have a hard time finding games that targeted the girls that spend a good amount of time playing games online. But there has been a big push to get more games out there and I’m glad to see that it is working.

My 12 year old daughter enjoys all types of games, but there are times that she really wants to enjoy being a young girl, and doing girlie things, so I’m glad that she found a site that is all about  Girl Games at Easygirlgames.com.  She tells me that they are pretty easy, fun and that they have a wide range of games for girls spend their free time checking out. She is getting too old for toys, but still a bit young for boys and still spends most of her time at home, rather than running the roads or hanging at the mall with her friends. So gaming is a good way for her to spend some of her free time.

New Best Place

With the economy being as it is today, eating out has become more of a luxury for our family dining. Although the kids like to patronize the fast food places, my husband and I prefer to go somewhere a little more interesting. On this occasion we decided to check out a new restaurant that had just opened and after battling with the kids over where to go, we set the security alarm  and headed out. When we arrived at the new Red Elephant, we were very surprised with what we saw, as were the kids. Inside the decor was a wonderful mix of hand painted murals, featuring all sorts of wild animals.

The kids were totally in awe and had to take time to search them all out. They even wandered into the arcade, which to them, was the greatest thing on earth. The menu had everything an adult might want to eat, as well as pizza and burgers for the younger set. Large screen tv’s were in every corner, so grown-ups could watch the news, as well as sporting events. The evening was a huge success and I think the kids may have, at least for the time being, forgotten about that famous fast food place. Must say that the elephant ears on the menu were the icing on the cake.

pizza and games

Help Wanted at the Red Elephant Restaurant

Girl Games, A Long Time A Coming

I’m so glad that they have finally come up with more girl games. For the longest time most of the video games were targeted to the male species and a big push was made to make more girl games available. It took a while but it is now obvious when you look on the shelves at the gaming stores.

I took my niece out to the local Game Stop store last weekend. She had received numerous gift cards from Game Stop, by her request of course and wanted to go purchase some new games for her Wii. I enjoy taking her out shopping, I don’t rush her and she is relaxed and has a chance to take it all in and make wise decisions. When she goes with her mother it is rush rush and let’s keep it moving, which isn’t fun at all when there is so much to take in, ya know.

Not only are there more video girl games, but there are a lot more girl games online these days as well such as are offered at easygirlgames dot com. My niece is the perfect ages for most of the games. She will be turning 10 next month and is still into Barbies, Unicorns and Bratz, big time. Hard to imagine that she will be a teen-ager in a few short years and who knows how that will all play out!

girls play online games too

Online Girl Games

Marching Bands

While looking online at various musical instrument sites, trying to find a good deal on an electric guitar to get for my nephew for Christmas I came across some exquisite Atkinson french horns that brought back a flood of memories from my days back in high school. One of our favorite things to do was to go to the Friday night football games, man those were some extraordinarily good times. The half time celebration was always a blast. I knew a lot of the kids that were in the marching band that always played during this exciting half time. To this day I get goose bumps whenever I see or hear a marching band play like in a parade, or on TV or in a movie, or even on YouTube!

I am still on the look out for a good guitar and with Christmas only a couple of weeks away I’m starting to get a bit nervous about the whole ordeal. It’s a good thing that I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done way ahead of time.

atkinson french horn

Atkinson A800 Pro Double French Horn

Virtual Yard Sales

The last time I held a yard sale I swore that I would never, ever do that again and by golly I meant it. There is so much time and work involved in pulling off a good prosperous yard sale, garage sale, lawn sale, moving sale, or what ever you want to call the reselling of your unwanted personal items to the general public.

Just collecting the stuff, cleaning and fixing what needs to be done in order to get $ for it and then having to figure out what price to charge and put a price tag on each and every piece of merchandise is enough to through me over the edge. You have to be careful on what type of price tag to use and where to put it in order to not damage the item and reduce the value just because the placement of the right type of price tag wasn’t thought out. I know I am a bit OCD when it comes to things like that but we all have our quirks right?

Dealing with the public is another issue. The early birds that come to get the best deal are a real pain in the neck. All you want to do is get your stuff out there and set up and you have these people digging around and asking you questions! And then there is the clean up and figuring out where to put all the stuff you didn’t sell, ugh.

It’s no wonder more people are turning to the Internet for deals at various virtual yard sales and other websites other than eBay and Craigslist.