One Hell of A Good Book

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I love reading a variety of books. It seems that I usually have 2 or 3 going at the same time, it works out most of the time. I always keep a good novel in the bathroom. When I take my bath I kick back and get some good reading time out of the deal as well.

I just finished a novel “Up Country” by Nelson DeMille, who also wrote “The General’s Daughter” which I really need to find now. This was a great book about Vietnam Vets that anyone would and should enjoy reading at some point.

a novel

Up Country

Dinner Theater

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I am going to take my 11 year old niec to the Dinner Theater in a few weeks. She given tickets to it for her birthday and she decided that she wanted me to take her to it instead of her mom. They have “The Pirates of Penzance Junior” which we should both enjoy and I look forward to going with her!

Wart Issues

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It seems that my sisters and I all have problems with warts on our hands. My oldest sister just went to the doctor to have 14 warts treated on her hands. Bless her heart, what a mess that must be. I hope that the treatment works and she can not have to worry about warts again for a very long time.

Angel Food Ministries, Good Cheap Quality Food

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I have heard of this Angel Food Ministries before a few times in the past few years, but due to a recent email from my sister I have gone online and found that I can order their high quality food for a very low price, online and pick up the order in a few weeks at a church about 2 miles up the road a piece.

There isn’t any income restrictions and you can charge the food along with your online order, or go down to the closest distribution center and give them cash, check or Food Stamp EBT card info. Sounds like something that I have to check into at the web address of, my sister all ready put my zip code in and found several hosting sites that are participating is the much needed service, so I should be good to go and just need to look at the menu and see what looks good to me at this time.

All I Want For Christmas

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Hard to believe that Christmas is only a month away, it seems as if we just took down all of the holiday decorations just a few short months ago, now we have to put them up all over again. It takes a lot of time, work and effort each year to get ready for the big day on December 25th and each year we end up buying more items that we just can’t live without to make our houses look festive and welcoming.

My folks have all ready been sending out emails asking what each of us would like for our Christmas presents this year. They always buy the best presents out of anyone I know, they aren’t struggling for money and are willing to purchase items that most people wouldn’t dream of buying some one for Christmas. Like last year I really needed a new stove and I didn’t have the cash to buy a new one, so they bought one of the top of line Jen Air models for me and I couldn’t be happier. And my brother had his heart set on a new roll tonneau cover for his new Ford Pick Up so they made sure that he got the one that he wanted that year. My sister on the hand wanted a new Harley Davidson, but my parents aren’t that generous and she is still moaning and groaning about that.

I have to put my thinking cap on this year to give them some ideas to choose from, it’s really strange that I’m having a hard time coming up with something that I really want or need. That doesn’t happen very often, I can tell you that! I have a week or so to mull it over and come up with some suggestions, I’m sure I’ll figure something out to tell them.