Spring Cleaning Time Again. . .

I mean really how hard can it be to get on your computer and go to the Google search and type in “cost of professional carpet cleaning austintexas” or “discount carpet cleaning services austin texas” or something of that nature in order for my aging aunt to get her carpets  thoroughly cleaned.  That way one of us doesn’t have to make the long drive to her place and use her very old and broken down do it yourself carpet cleaner that she has had for years, and should have thrown out ages ago in an effort to help her with her spring cleaning that she goes all out for each and every spring.

It didn’t use to be that big of a deal when more of us still lived locally or at least in the same state. But as most families have, folks have been moving further and further away as time goes by. But now that it is just a small handful and life is keeping everyone busy as bees trying to work as many jobs as they can find in these tough economic times that we have found ourselves in the middle of for way too long now.

So now we are trying to get my aunt to start using her computer more. For the most part she just uses it for emails and sending photos to friends and family. She knows her way around the keyboard and can type a million words a minute but as far as using it for researching anything or anyone is still something that she needs work and help with. Which is another task that one of needs to take by the horns with her as well, God Bless her.


Most nights I fall asleep with the TV on. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep without the darn TV on. One of my favorite channels is The Comedy Channel. The show “Josh.O” just cracks me up and he is easy on the eyes as well. His big smile is great!

Sometimes he goes a bit too far my taste, but of course if and when that happens all I have to do is change the channel and find some thing else to entertain or bore me back to sleep.

thumbs up for tosh.0

Thumbs Up or Down

Purses and Flip Flops Are In The News

A few months ago I was hearing of all the nasty germs that were found on the bottom of purses. I have been trying to keep up with keeping my purse’s bottom side a bit cleaner and not putting on the kitchen counter or dining room table. Now the big news is about how dirty our flip flops are and how they are finding all types of gross germs on them. Guess I’ll have to start paying better attention to my flip flops now, sigh………………..

fflip flops in the dishwasher

Not Sure I Like This Idea

As much as I hate germs I just don’t think I could put my flip flops in the dishwasher along with a load of dishes, that’s just wrong!

Flash Freeze

Spent so much time looking at the fresh fish counter that someone from the grocery store’s fish department actually came over and started talking to me. He asked if I was looking for anything special, and I told him I was looking for tilapia.

He pointed out the section of frozen fish that was displayed in a freezer section right next to the fresh fish counter. There a big bag of tilapia in the freezer, on sale for only $4.99 and he told me that the frozen was a better price than the fresh.

When I wrinkled up my nose at the idea of frozen instead of fresh, he explained that the fishermen catch the tilapia out on the water in big nets, and then they clean and flash freeze the fish right on board the boat. So, the frozen are actually fresher than the fresh ones that are taken back to port, cleaned on land and then put on a truck and driven for a couple of days to the stores. Isn’t that ironic? But it does make sense!

Dirty Water

I can’t stand the way that my water looks, smells and tastes. After I take my daily bath and let the water run out and drain there is a lot of black grainy junk left in the tub. Looks like I’m going to need to contact a water service company. I’ll take a look online and see what I can find in my area.