Digging The Deals At Musician Friend

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Paying under $300 for a decent Fender guitar is a good deal, if you ask me. Since no one is asking me I took it upon myself to look at what the musician friend website has to offer their shoppers these days. Check out this cutie! I just might be buying myself a Christmas present this year after all!


Black is Back

Fender CD60CE Cutaway Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

Yogi Bear

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I have been wanting to see the Yogi Bear movie for several years now. So this weekend a girlfriend of mine and I going to the mall, doing some shopping (using some of the gift cards that we got for way back at last Christmas) and then we are going to watch Yogi Bear and his side kick Boo Boo. I used to love watching the Yogi Bear cartoons while growing up so I’m a real fan of Yogis and I can only hope that this movie does him justice.

The Yogi Bear Movie

Yogi The Bear and Boo Boo – the movie

Fender Jazzmaster 62

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Hard to believe that there is much difference between one guitar pickguard or another, but after looking at this fender jazzmaster 62 tortoiseshell pickguard online at Guitar Center’s website I feel a bit more educated on the subject. I’m sorry but I have never gotten into playing the guitar, or any musical instrument for that matter. Making music just wasn’t in the cards for me, nor is singing or even able to carry a tune. For me it has always been about the dance. Poetry in motion has always been my motto!

fender pickguard

Fender ’62 Jazzmaster Tortoiseshell Pickguard

I am trying to be pro active and getting a bit of holiday shopping before it gets all too overwhelming for me and I start to panic. The holidays are always stressful for me, so many people to buy gifts for and so many people to try and make happy all in the name of Santa Claus!

Flash Mob

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I have always enjoyed watching the Flash Mob videos that would pop up once in a while on the TV. I can’t believe that it didn’t even occur to me that I could Google “Flash Mob” and come up with plenty of these hilarous Flash Mob videos that I so enjoy seeing. I really wish that I could participate in something like this, so today I am Googling “Flash Mob” and see if I can find any that I haven’t seen all ready and see if I can find information on how to be a participant in something like that.

Wish me luck and if anyone out there knows how to get involved in a Flash Mob, please let me know. I’m having issues with getting videos from YouTube on here, it’s really starting to piss me off and I can’t seem to find anyone that can help me find out what is different now and how to fix it. I really wanted to post my favorite “Flash Mob” video on here entitled “Frozen Grand Central” it is a perfect example of so many people getting together and doing something just for the sake of messing with people’s minds! Gotta love it!!!!!

Girl Games, A Long Time A Coming

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I’m so glad that they have finally come up with more girl games. For the longest time most of the video games were targeted to the male species and a big push was made to make more girl games available. It took a while but it is now obvious when you look on the shelves at the gaming stores.

I took my niece out to the local Game Stop store last weekend. She had received numerous gift cards from Game Stop, by her request of course and wanted to go purchase some new games for her Wii. I enjoy taking her out shopping, I don’t rush her and she is relaxed and has a chance to take it all in and make wise decisions. When she goes with her mother it is rush rush and let’s keep it moving, which isn’t fun at all when there is so much to take in, ya know.

Not only are there more video girl games, but there are a lot more girl games online these days as well such as are offered at easygirlgames dot com. My niece is the perfect ages for most of the games. She will be turning 10 next month and is still into Barbies, Unicorns and Bratz, big time. Hard to imagine that she will be a teen-ager in a few short years and who knows how that will all play out!

girls play online games too

Online Girl Games