The Emergence of Green Web Hosting

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I am all about going and being as “green” as possible these days. It isn’t really difficult considering that I was raised by parents that were tuned in to saving valuable energy and totally into recycling since they were young. They were from the hippie days and they taught me a lot during my childhood in order for me to continue their efforts and ways of life that they and I are so proud of.

I’m happy to have found that there are many opportunities out there for us to help us all go “green“, including ways to get the  best web hosting sites that are supporting the “green” movement. At Web Hosting they have provided us with the top 8 web hosting companies that are Eco-friendly. These sites are using alternative and/or renewable energy, they are planting trees, recycling waste and purchase RECs in order to power their data centers and I think that this is simply awesome! I would anyone to check this list out at web hosting geeks dot com and find a green web hosting that would work for them to help contribute to this important movement.

For more information you can check out their blog as well that has several posts concerning Green Web Hosting, it’s all good!

Sound Great On Or Off Stage

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It really thrills me to hear from my youngest nephew Todd that the amplifier for the acoustic guitar is totally appreciated. And that it is being used, so I am told, almost on a daily basis as well as providing a sound great on stage when they manage to actually land a gig.  I managed to get a few of my sisters and brothers, his aunts and uncles, to contribute enough of their hard earned cash together to get him a good quality amp that I found online for a real sweet deal. It arrived in plenty of time and we didn’t have to pay any shipping or handling, so that was a major plus that helped me convince some of these relatives that aren’t known for wanting to spend any money on anyone other than their selves.

It’s pretty cool that over the past couple of years I have been doing more and more of my shopping online. Last Christmas holiday, I didn’t have to go to the local mall or any of the other numerous brick and mortar stores in the area. The only things that I had to go out and purchase were the food and of course the gas that it took to get there and back. There are places that will and do deliver food products but they come with a price. It’s hard to get anything for free around this part of the country, except for online purchases.

A Way Cool Cup Holder Idea

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Having a cup holder that will attach to a microphone stand is a great idea. I have always wondered how singers and musicians keep something, to quench their thirst during a performance, without it spilling some how. A spill could mean damage to most musical instruments, some thing that could put an instrument out of commission for a good while, leaving the owner to either wait it out or buy a new one. Either way, money would be lost.

a cup holder for a microphone

Musician’s Gear Microphone Stand Cup Holder Black Universal Clamp

AMS Fulfillment

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The Internet has become such a valuable tool to learn just about everything about anything. Kids these days have it made when it comes to doing research for school homework and all the assignments that they are told to do. Back when I was a kid we had to rely on the old set of encyclopedias that are parents had on the bookshelf in the living room. And of course we spent many evenings and weekends at the local library that was always full of other students doing the exact same thing. I can’t even imagine how it would have been if we had the World Wide Web back then.

Today I was looking at an interesting website at AMS, so I learned, is one of the leading third party fulfillment service company that has a lot to offer today’s fast past companies that need a reliable product fulfillment service. They are located in the southern part of California, which is a very busy and rapidly growing part of the country that can totally provide services like this for businesses all over the country.

I wonder what company I will found out about tomorrow online! I can’t wait to go back to college and learn so many things that I didn’t take the time to learn back in the day when I was just interested in boys and how to get out of going to class to go have fun with all of my friends.

One Fine Looking Piece of Technology

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Now you can’t even tell me that this isn’t one fine looking electric guitar! I have to admit, if I ever decided to buy and learn the guitar I would really love playing one that looks like this! The Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin that I stumbled onto today online. This baby has got the true vintage spirit of yesteryear, while having the goods that today’s technically provides folks in the music industry.

Sweet Looking Guitar

Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin Archtop Hollowbody