Our Flag

It does my heart good to see so many people sporting the Confederate Flag on their vehicles as well as on their homes and property. I can’t for the life of me understand what all the hoopla is about the Confederate flag. I have a large  Confederate flag myself but since I rent an apartment I can’t install it, which makes me very sad.

There are tons of places that are selling all types of flags to be used on a vehicle but I am afraid that if I ordered one and put it on my car that someone would get angry and try and hurt me and/or my car. I can just see it now, I come strolling out of Walmart to find my tires slashed or any of all the other ways someone can damage a car while no one is looking.

southern pride

Please Let’s Keep It Rolling

We Have Each Others Back

There are so many ways that I see my sister healing with the help of a very interesting and creative Jungian Psychoanalysis that she has been working with for a few months now. Even though she lives so far away from where I live we are still very close and manage to communicate several times a week, so I know her pretty well.

We have lived together several times throughout our adult lives. It is great to know that my sister always has my back and she darn well knows that I’ve got hers as well. We do talk about how lucky and blessed we are to have such a great relationship despite all the other wacky family members that we have in the ever-growing family that we were born into. There are so many brothers and sisters that don’t remain close as the years tumble by.

I wasn’t all that knowledgeable about this particular New York Jungian Psychotherapy method, but I took the time to research New York Jungian Therapists as much as I could online and she seems to be flourishing, so I am thrilled. It really bites that I can’t see her as much as I would like to. A seven hour drive might as well be all the way across the country. But if need be it could and would be done, that much I know.

Amazing Waters

Having family in England has its good points for sure.  I love to visit them and one of the best things about that is they know all of the coolest places to visit.  Places that I would never be able to find on my own for sure.  They know how much I love anything to do with water and aquariums so my cousin took me to work with him to show me the new custom built aquarium his bosses had installed when they did the major upgrade of the main lobby.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

I stood there for hours just taking in all that was in that amazing aquarium.  I have to admit it was almost like being in the ocean in a submarine or scuba diving.  Taking in each and every inch of that amazing sea habitat took me what seemed hours.  The detail was in it was beyond anything I had ever seen before.  I did notice that there was small plaque that told who had made it for them and when I got home I looked up their web site out of curiosity.  Yes I was thinking along the lines of possibly using them myself some day.  I don’t know how or for what but there’s nothing I admire more than exceptional workmanship and I was looking at it for sure in that aquarium.

Once I got home, I decided to take a trip to a local zoo and they had this amazing seal habitat.  I had heard that they were looking for seal pools display solutions since their old one was exactly that, old.  I would not be surprised at all if they didn’t contact the same company for their new habitat.  You can’t deny the great workmanship and the new one is amazing too.

Hair Issues

I’ve decided that I am sick and tired of dealing with my hair every day. I have always had long hair and I have come to where I really would like to spend my time doing other things rather than dealing with my hair so much of the time. I’m going to start looking at pictures of different hair styles and see what I can find and then take that picture that I’ve decided on to the hair stylist and see what they think.

I’ll keep you posted and perhaps I’ll have a photo or two that I’ll put here as well. We will see.

the layering of long hair

Long Layered Haircut

Canadian Billboards

No need to say anything about these signs, I think what is already printed says it all.

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