Web Hostings

I was doing some looking around online this afternoon at work. Most of us had a few minutes to spare before heading out into the rush hour traffic so it’s time like this that we take advantage of having Internet access at our desks. The topic of conversation lately has been web hosting. I had no idea that there were so many web hosting companies offering so many varieties of options. One of the girls at work discovered that there are several webhosting sites that are going green, which we all thought was pretty cool, so we checked them out real quick like.

There is a great web site that has ratings and reviews of various webhostings at webhostingrating dot com. It really has a lot of good information that we have all enjoyed and learned from. When we get our teeth into something we really chew on it for a good long while until we spit it out to be done with it and we have just about worn this subject out at this point. But I am going to look at a few more options and I want to read some more of the reviews and then we can move on to another subject for next week. Lord knows what that will be!

IED Up Close

It is truly amazing that more of our soldiers weren’t getting hit and hurt by these things. My best friends son is serving in the Army and sent her this video and she sent it to me. Amazing, truly. God Bless each and every one of them that are serving their country for you and me.


Funny how the older we get how we get more particular in various things. Right now my issue is with milk. I have been buying and drinking the 2% variety for the past couple of years, it took me a while to get used to the taste but I did it.

The problem is that some stores that I buy it from tastes like it has gone bad and the whole carton gets poured down the drain, along with the three dollars and change that it cost me, which really irks me, big time. It is only certain stores that I’m finding this problem with like Walmart, Rite Aid and Safeway. It really sucks that I have to be careful where I buy my milk for goodness sake.

it's all about the milk

Got Milk?

It Runs In The Family

It is so very awesome that we plus sized women now have a larger selection of clothes available to us, in stores, in catalogs and online, as well. It has always been a chore trying to find stylish, trendy, comfortable and affordable Women’s Plus Size fashions, up until just about the turn of the century.

Being big boned runs in the family, both my father’s and my mother’s side is full of nothing but large woman, so I was doomed right from the get go, sigh… I am happy to say that the “fat gene” isn’t prevalent, just the big bones. No diet or exercise does much good, something that we all have learned the hard way through out the many years. Dieting doesn’t do a thing to reduce the large bones that so many of us have to deal with on a daily basis.



The Nopal Cactus

It is amazing to notice that the older I get, everyone gets older as well. I know that sounds silly but with age seems to come so many health issues and unfortunate deaths from so many people in my life. At work we seem to always be discussing and researching so many medical issues that keep popping up in our immediate and not so immediate families and circle of friends. And with all of these medical issues always landing in our laps we are constantly trying to figure out and understand what types of medicine and therapy can help.

Right now we seem to be hearing a lot about a product called Nopalea which is supposed to help reduce inflammation which is a main concern with so many health related issues. One of my co workers found that by calling 1-800-203-7063 you can receive a free sample of this natural health product that is becoming so popular today which is derived from a cactus. Pretty cool huh?

Since my father suffers from aches and pains in several of his joints that keep him from doing a lot of things that he used to enjoy doing, I’m going to go ahead a call and have a sample of these wellness drink sent to him and see if it helps him some. It’s the least I can do for the man that has always done so much for me all my life.