My Little Brother

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I’ve never had an issue coming up with ways on how to flirt, but I know that a lot of folks are very shy and insecure so they need a little help with some dating advice and tips when it comes to the other sex. I’ve found a pretty cool website Puaforums dot com that has a lot of good information about the dating scene, along with a ton of wonderful pick up lines that people have submitted for others to use in their endeavor to attract a mate.

My little brother has always been one heck of a pickup artist, how I’ll never know. To me he is still the spoiled little brat that I grew up with, but the ladies just seem to flock to him. I’ve seen him in action and it’s amazing! He is still single and loving the bachelor life even though he is almost 30 years old. But if that is what floats his boat, I say more power to you little brother! I’ve forwarded this entertaining and enlightening website to him in last night’s email to him, I don’t think he needs any help, but what the heck.

Low Rider

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I loved this song even before George Lopez made it even more popular. It’s a get down and boggie song that always gets me going. This video even has some nice looking low riders to gaze at while giving it a listen to. Enjoy with me!

My Kid Brother, The Family Computer Geek Strikes Again!

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Even though I spend a good amount on the computer, both at home and at work, I always find myself amazed at all that their is to learn about them and how little I actually know about them. Thank goodness for my kid brother. He is the family computer geek and keeps us all up and running and is always teaching us (or trying to) the different things that he has learned. It just comes natural for him and I can’t say enough good things about all he does for us all.

Virtual Servers are something that I just didn’t know anything about, until he came by the place over the week end. I fed him a nice dinner, we sat and chatted for a few hours and had a few cold beers together. It was the first time that he didn’t spend any time on my laptop doing something for me, so it was good just to be able to sit and talk with him for a change. Usually he is so busy on the computer, concentrating on what he is doing, so I just leave him alone so as not to distract him, so he can get it done and get down the road to his next stop.

He had just come from a friends house that was needing a virtual server, so he was telling me how at Ozhosting dot com they are running a special promotion using the PROMO CODE “VPS25″ which provides 25% off All VPS Plans and how they were checking out all that they had to offer by ways of virtual servers. So I got a crash course and he got a 2 course dinner and we both came out of the deal better off than before he came over.

Entertaining The Customers

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I see that more businesses are getting smart and hooking up with a DIRECT TV Business Account and having a nice television installed for their customers entertainment needs. I think that Commercial Satellite TV is a really good idea, I know that I get tired of looking through the numerous old and torn up magazines that are the norm in most waiting areas such as the doctor’s office, banks, car repair shops and the like. Sometimes you can be stuck there for a good amount of time and having a Business Satellite TV makes the wait a lot more tolerable.

The only problem that I can see is if there is a disagreement with the other people waiting and watching on which channel the TV should be set on and that a lot of businesses are keeping the remote control behind the counter in order to keep from losing it to some one’s sticky fingers. I know one time a was waiting for my car to be inspected and the TV was on a channel that had golf playing on it. Ugh, how I hate watching a golf game on TV, boring…………but then I guess you just can’t please everyone!

Put Your Address Book Away

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Gone are the days that we all carried a phone and address book in order to keep all of our important phone and addresses for folks that we might need to be in contact with. The customized business card is the way to go these days, if you don’t have a business card you are seriously out dated. Even house mothers/makers are known to have a business card to give other parents in order to fix play dates with their youngsters. Isn’t that something?

I like having a business card in order to drop in to the glass containers that you find on the counters at many businesses (mainly) fast food restaurants or service centers. They advertise that they hold weekly drawings and the winner gets a free meal or a free service of some sort. The only place that I will not drop my card in is in a container for a free vacation or for a gym. They just want your information in order to be placed on a mailing list and then you will be bombarded with junk mail for ever and a day.

Customized business cards are becoming more affordable and don’t take as long to make and receive and are all the rage in today’s society.