The Medical Field

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We have all heard that the medical field will always be in need for good qualified people and that people are flocking back to school in order to further their education and get into various medical fields. After all the classes and training are done and over with comes the interviewing process. That is part that always throws me for a loop, I just really suck at interviewing, so I’m glad that my employment is pretty stable and hopefully I won’t have to worry about interviewing any time soon.

I do know that the Internet can be a very valuable tool in this area. You can go online and find consultant interview questions to give you a clue on what you should be ready for, so that is a plus, we could all use a head’s up from time to time. There are sites that can provide you will a consultant interview course, like the ones being offered at They offer their services online to anyone interested in a consultant medical interview and have a great consultant interview guide written by NHS Consultants.

I have an old family friend who moved to England several years ago and loves it. She is one of many that is trying to break into a new field due to the economy issues that are world wide. She found this site and included the link in her recent email to the family and friends that she keeps in contact with via email.

Going Green, It’s Every Where

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I find it interesting that going green has become such a big issue. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great and I try my best to do right by our Mother Earth when possible. I have always been into recycling and have turned a good amount of people onto recycling through out the years. So I am happy to see such a big push these past few years.

I was browsing online earlier today and found an interesting site that rates and reviews website hosting companies. After a few clicks I cam upon the 10 top rated Green Web Hosting companies, which really tickled me. I didn’t know that there was such a thing and was fascinated to see that these companies are doing what they can in becoming a respectable green web host.

If we all take the time to do what it takes to become greener in our every day lives, we just might have a chance in surviving a few more decades, at least I hope so!

Empty Savings Accounts

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Things (the economy) just are not turning around fast enough for most people. People’s savings accounts are being depleted quickly, more houses are being foreclosed on and the unemployment rate is still on the rise. I’m hearing way too many horror stories from so many people. This is going to be another rough holiday season for most of us. I know I’m not looking forward to it. I’m going to have to drastically down size my gift list, which I hope people will be understanding about. The family has even talked about doing away with our traditional gift giving this year. What a bummer.

My sister hasn’t been able to find a job in over six months and her unemployment is going to run out in the next few weeks. I don’t know what she is going to. She has been talking about getting one of those quick cash loans online, but is concerned with her bad credit history and all that goes along with that. I know that there are ways to rais? your credit score, so I advised her to use the Internet to see if she can find a reliable company that will help her out in her time of financial need.


My Little Brother

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I’ve never had an issue coming up with ways on how to flirt, but I know that a lot of folks are very shy and insecure so they need a little help with some dating advice and tips when it comes to the other sex. I’ve found a pretty cool website Puaforums dot com that has a lot of good information about the dating scene, along with a ton of wonderful pick up lines that people have submitted for others to use in their endeavor to attract a mate.

My little brother has always been one heck of a pickup artist, how I’ll never know. To me he is still the spoiled little brat that I grew up with, but the ladies just seem to flock to him. I’ve seen him in action and it’s amazing! He is still single and loving the bachelor life even though he is almost 30 years old. But if that is what floats his boat, I say more power to you little brother! I’ve forwarded this entertaining and enlightening website to him in last night’s email to him, I don’t think he needs any help, but what the heck.

Low Rider

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I loved this song even before George Lopez made it even more popular. It’s a get down and boggie song that always gets me going. This video even has some nice looking low riders to gaze at while giving it a listen to. Enjoy with me!