Hair Issues

I’ve decided that I am sick and tired of dealing with my hair every day. I have always had long hair and I have come to where I really would like to spend my time doing other things rather than dealing with my hair so much of the time. I’m going to start looking at pictures of different hair styles and see what I can find and then take that picture that I’ve decided on to the hair stylist and see what they think.

I’ll keep you posted and perhaps I’ll have a photo or two that I’ll put here as well. We will see.

the layering of long hair

Long Layered Haircut

Canadian Billboards

No need to say anything about these signs, I think what is already printed says it all.

read gooder



Good Customer Service at Lipton Tea

I’ve been drinking tea for as long as I can remember, hot or cold, day or night, but it has to be Lipton or nothing. I did switch to Red Rose Tea for a while because my┬ámother was collecting the little Wade figurines that they always have in the box along with the tea bags, but after a while I just got really┬átired of not having the full flavor of my good old Lipton bags.

Last time I did my grocery shopping I was pleased to find that they had Lipton tea bags on sale so I picked up several boxes, and I saved a good chunk of change in doing so. But when I came home and opened one of the boxes and put several of them in the boiling water, in order to make a picture of Iced tea, the bags more or less exploded, and made quite a mess of it all. So I tried again, and the same thing happened, that is when I looked on the side of the box and found the 1-800 number for their customer service department and gave them a call.

I have to say that they were very understanding and polite, I received a warm, sincere apology and was sent several coupons in the mail the next week for several free boxes of Lipton Tea Bags. Now that is what I call good customer service. Thanks Lipton!

lipton is the best in my book

Lipton Tea and Me, We Have A Real Good Thing

Feeling Unappreciated?

I’ve heard of some pretty wild and wacky things but this is really different and I might point out, very sad.


This is the type of story that should have been read on The Tonight Show when Jay Leno was the host with all of his other crazy newspaper tidbits! He used to get some pretty outrageous things that have been put into print!

California Fires

The fires that are once again taking place in California are devastating to all concerned. California is so broke that they are having a difficult time providing for their citizens much less being able to afford fighting these horrible fires. I feel for the fire fighters that must be suffering terribly with the hot temperatures in California and with the heat of the fires on top of it must be hell.

Every year this happens and every year I wonder when the fires won’t have anything left to burn. It must be a scary place to live and work.

up in smoke out west

California Fires at a Glance